News and RSS Aggregation

My News Crawler: Features

My News Crawler is at the forefront of innovation when it comes to aggregating news content, here’s a list of features you’ll be getting…

General Features

– Automated spidering of RSS content sources

The script uses RSS feeds to retrieve the content for the website. The content of the feeds are then stored in a MySQL database.

– Powerful keyword categorization

Keywords are a powerful way to categorize news items. Especially when you take into consideration My News Crawlers ability to handle Boolean search. This means you have an extremely powerful ability to target the exact news topics you want to appear in each category, giving your users the relevant information they are looking for.

– Styles, CSS Design

Customization of My News Crawler is very simple thanks to Symfony’s Twig templating system and blueprint WYSIWYG CSS editor.

– complete source code



– Powerful search functionality

If users can’t immediately find the news they are looking for. Perhaps they have something specific in mind. Thanks to the built in powerful search functionality, users can to use Boolean search to target the specific news they want.

– Categorization

News is split up into categories to greatly enhance readability and general user experience.

– Hot-Topics Tag Cloud

Most frequently searched terms  will appear in the form of a ckickable tag cloud.

– Popular Content

Instead of having to search through all the news articles to find out which ones are worth reading, there’s a built in ‘popular news articles’ section in the sidebar. This makes it simple for users to find the most important news, as quickly as possible.

– Pagination

News is divided into separate pages to decrease clutter, increasing the general usability of the script. Having news spread over a number of pages allows users to check older news items.



– Define articles per page

You have full control over how many articles should be displayed on each page.


– Add/Edit/Delete Categories

Full flexibility on category management.

– Add/Edit/Delete Sources

Full flexibility on source management.

– user blocks

2 pre-defined user blocks on each of the side columns to paste your HTML / Javascript code into.


– DB-administration

RSS source individual statistics
Options for automatic db-pruning of outdated articles.