myNewsCrawler News Aggregator

Frequently Asked Questions


  • How to install?
    Create an empty database and assign a user to it with all rights. Then open install/ in your browser and follow the indications.
    Mandatory entries in step 2 are administrator name and password.
  • Do I need programming experience to have my own myNewsCrawler powered page?
    You don’t. Of course, if you have that kind of experience, that may help you a lot.
    If you have worked with CSS or HTML before, it should be easy for you to change the appearance of one of our templates or re-arrange the content.

  • Can content from different RSS sources be merged and then shown in categories.
    Yes, you can define categories that use all your sources or just a subset of them. You filter content that is relevant to you by assigning keywords to categories and subcategories. Our boolean search algorithm does the rest.
  • How often can be crawled from one specific site?
    No general rule availalbe here. You should read the site’s policies for any restrictions.
    MyNewsCrawler allows source specific crawl intervals so you can crawl frequently updating some sites more often than others.
  • How to filter out relevant content / improve signal to noise ration
    Actually, this task is up to you. Your creativity in selecting the apropiate filters will ultimately define the success of your site. myNewsCrawler offers you the tools you need to achieve your goal.
    Define your keyword filters in categories and feeds according to the rules that mySQL establishes.
    See this page for a complete description of how to get the most out of mySQL boolean fulltext search:
    mySQL boolean fulltext search
    Btw., mNC version 3 offers you the option to save only received articles that fit into categories. A great way to keep only content that is relevant to your site.
  • How to change the layout?
    The easiest way to change the underlaying CSS is login as administrator and go to the home page. You will see the bluepen CSS edotor which allows you to change many aspects of the layout in a WYSIWYG fashion.
    For major changes the relevant files are in app/Ressources/views/base.html.twig and web/bundles/mnc3/styles.
  • Do I get the full source code and may I customize it?
    Absolutely. You also get free support and free upgrades for one year.