How Can Your Business Benefit From RSS Aggregation?

RSS aggregation is what’s behind some of the most popular sites on the internet today.

Take a look at,,,

All these sites incorporate RSS aggregation and they are all hugely successful at 1), getting hits 2), getting repeat hits.

To run a successful business, you need to get repeat business. You need people to come back, so you need to offer them a reason to come back.

RSS aggregation is a proven solution to getting repeat visitors.


Because it creates a solution to a problem.

The problem of needing all the news in one organized place.

It makes peoples lives easier and everyone is welcoming of something that makes their lives easier.

Adding RSS aggregation to your business website can make you the ‘go to place’ for the industries news.

How the implementation of RSS aggregation is helping business around the world today

Google News

Google is primarily a search engine, but they’ve grown to be so much more. Google want visitors to stay on their site as long as possible and very importantly, they want people to come back time and time again.

Let’s introduce, Google News.

Google News is a news aggregation site.

Why did Google incorporate this feature?

Because it brings information from around the world to one well organized place where users can easily find the exact news they are looking for.

This is what news aggregation is all about.

Google created Google News so they would be the ‘go to place’ for the latest news from around the world.

Microsoft are also involved in news aggregation with their website

Live, allows users to create their own personalized homepage. This aggregates relevant information from other websites and brings it to one place for the user.

Live is competing with Google in the personalized homepage space. iGoogle (also news aggregation, but more personalized) allows for the same functionality as Live. Both want to be the home for news seekers.

They both want users to stay on their site longer.

So how are they doing it?

By using a news aggregation solution.

Now think in terms of your businesses niche

The sites mentioned above are using news aggregation to expand on their current services. As a way to add ‘stickyness’ to their sites.

How can you incorporate this into your business model?

Be creative.

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What is RSS Aggregation?

If you haven’t heard of the term before, it might sound a little strange.

First of all, why do you even want to know what aggregation is all about?

Aggregation is…

  • responsible for literally millions of extra website hits for rss publishers
  • a solution that keeps hungry consumers coming back time and time again for the latest info
  • a way to publish thousands of RSS feeds content on one single website.

Aggregation, in the context of RSS, means gathering all the articles within the RSS feeds, with the purpose of displaying them as a single unit.

We ‘aggregate’ all of the RSS feeds, bring all the news to one place and then publish the headlines together on one single page.

How is this beneficial?

Because instead of having to view, for example, 10 different sites to find out all the different opinions on a topic of interest, an RSS aggregator will display all this information on one page.

Let’s illustrate…

John is a big fan of Soccer, he wants to know all the news, all the time. He wants to know not just news, he wants rumours, he wants opinions, he wants to consume as much information as possible on the subject.

So, how can we fill John’s need?

News aggregation is the answer.

Instead of our friend John having to browse all of the soccer sites with quality content (there are hundreds), news aggregation can bring all of the content to one place, so John can find the exact news he wants and all he needs to remember is one website address, instead of possibly hundreds.

Now let’s view some real-world examples… is a hugely popular news aggregation website. They display information on all different topics, from 34,210 different RSS sources (at the time of writing).

NewsNow then splits up this content into different categories and sub categories. Users can also use the search functionality to find information.

At the time of writing, NewsNow has a world-wide traffic rank of 2,624 (according to

NewsNow truly demonstrates the power of news aggregation. NewsNow makes it easier for news consumers to find the news they want. Because of NewsNow, as a news consumer, you don’t need to remember 34,210 different website urls, or make 34,210 different Google searches to find the information you want.

That’s why we created My News Crawler, to provide you with a news aggregation solution that you can implement on your websites today.

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