Introducing myNewsCrawler 3.0 :


a Stand Alone News Aggregation Script

Also is great for domain parking!

Version 3 of mNC has been written completely in Symfony2, one of the most complete PHP frameworks.




  • New Design, New Features, all programmed to provide your website users with the best news aggregation solution.
  • the Symfony2 framework has been rated as one of the most complete and advanced PHP frameworks and it comes with tons of built-in benefits:
    security, readability, extendability, cross-browser architcture, language support, caching and more. It’s like “standing on the shoulder of a giant”.
  • Easy templating thanks to Symfony’s Twig template engine and the bluepen WYSIWYG CSS editor
  • Easy installation, just create an empty database and run the installation script
  • no cron jobs required
  • individual crawl period for each RSS source
  • individual crawl statistics for each RSS source
  • option to save only articles that fit into your categories (helps keeping your database small)
  • unlimited categories, sub categories and nesting level
  • automatic database pruning using different criteria
  • Easy translation to any language in a couple of minutes
  • search articles funtionality
  • Automatic sitemap creation for SEO purpose!



Requirements: PHP >= 5.3, mySQL >= 5.1

News Aggregation Script

What is My News Crawler?

My News Crawler is a news aggregation script programmed in PHP that you can use on your website to provide your users with fresh content 24/7.

If you’re asking yourself ‘What is News Aggregation?’ then check out our recent blog post.

How does it work?

The script pulls news articles in from RSS feeds that you specify in the admin panel. You can then separate the news into different categories through the use of our special keyword categorization features.


See some interesting myNewsCrawler powered examples here:


mNC Demo Page

Sources for Web Coders

How do the news publishers feel about this?

News Publishers love My News Crawler. Why? Because it sends them traffic to their website.

You can become the middle-man for news seekers. People want news from many different sources, that’s what My News Crawler provides your users with.

Users will keep coming back to your site because they know it’ll be full of the latest news they are looking for, from all the best news sources from around the world.

Harness The Power Of Automation…

Website users keep coming back because there’s fresh content, however, you can’t create fresh content all day every day, so why not put it on auto pilot?

The script automatically searches through the news and brings it back to your website 24/7.

My News Crawler doesn’t need sleep. We’ve programmed the software to work efficiently and effectively 24/7. You can get a good nights sleep knowing My News Crawler is providing your users with fresh content.

Target The Exact Content You Want…

We’ve built a very unique content targeting feature into My News Crawler.

You can separate content in to different categories through the use of keywords using mySQL fulltext search in boolean mode.


Use it for domain parking…

Get 100% of your revenue from Google Adwords by hosting your myNewsCrawler powered page on your preferred hosting provider.

Don’t bore your visitors with static content. myNewscrawler lets you display articles selected from your preferred RSS sources filtered by your keywords in the language you want.

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